Canadian Carnage 6 Event Rules 2017

1. This event will be event paintballs only
2. Masks must be an ASTM certified paintball masks and approved by the field management. Masks and goggle systems must not be altered or modified.
3. Masks must be on at all times while on the field
4. Markers must have an approved barrel bag with a functioning elastic draw string.
5. Barrel bags must be on markers in safe zones
6. Semi auto, up to 10.8 balls per second
7. Markers Chrono at 280 feet per second, no single shot over. Chronographing must be done with day of event paintballs.
8. No mercy rule
9. “Out” When a player is hit you may yell out/hit, place and hold your marker in the air with barrel sock/plug on. Wait up to 30 seconds for a medic (unless hit in the head, which a medic cannot heal you) or go back to your hospital to respawn in
10. If a player does not have their marker in the air to show their “out” shoot them, they might be dead man walking
11. No physical contact is permitted players must be eliminated by a paintball or paint grenade.
12. If a paintball breaks on a player or any piece of their gear that player is “out”
13. Paint grenades must get paint the size of a quarter on a player to count as an “out”
14. Referees may call a player “out” at any time
15. Smoke grenades must be cold smoke (Pull pin/wire smoke grenades) and supplied by the field
16. No jumping or climbing over or on bunkers/walls/vehicles/props unless directed by the official or Dictator of Pretendistan.
17. No blind shooting around bunkers, corners or windows. Players must be able to see their opponents.
18. No talking to other players after being hit.
19. You may not remove your team sided coloured armbands if you’re on the playing field
20. No moving bunkers or other props unless told to do so by event coordinator or Referee
21. If you hear BARREL BAG’S loudly 3 times. It means a cease fire. Stay at your spot take a knee and wait for instructions from a referee


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