1) Should I pre-register?

Yes!  This event has gotten much more interest then we ever imagined. This is the game of the year, and will go down in history as one of the greatest games in Canada. Make sure you pre-register to lock in your chance to become part of history (and save a bunch of cash too).

2) Where can I pre-register for this event?

When registration opens, you will be able to register online by clicking onto the registration link located on the main menu bar. Simply follow the directions to pre-purchase your event ticket, paint, and anything else you will need. You may also visit the field or the stores and register in person.

3) What is the field velocity?

Maximum velocity is 280 fps.

4) Will I be able to rent equipment at the event?

Yes……but it is recommended to pre-register for the event to ensure you have reserved your rental gear by calling the field (info in field section of the site) or online here registration .

5) Will there be a place to buy food and drinks?

Yes,  there will be food available on site.

6) Can I bring my own paintballs?

No. CC4 is event paint only. We will be using a custom shell and fill for this event. Any players found to be using off-field paint will be ejected from the park. No exceptions. The use of paint grenades and First Strike rounds are permitted as well but also must be purchased from the field at the day of the event.

7) Can I get my tank filled there?

We provide 4500PSI and 3000psi self serve air fill stations free of charge with your registration.

8) Can we use rocket launchers?

Rockets will be allowed at the game in a limited capacity as per game rules and with limited ammo. It is a paintball game and not a Nerf war after all.

9) Will tanks/vehicles be allowed?

All motorized vehicles must be approved by the field owner in advance. You will also be required to provide proof of  insurance for the vehicle for on field use.

10) Is there camping or any hotels around the area?

Yes and Yes. All of these are listed on the site as well.

11) I am coming from the United States and my air tank does not have a TC stamp….can I still use it?

No….unfortunately we cannot fill your tank. We will however have air tanks available for rent for anyone in this situation

12) Will there be vendors on site?

Yes. This will be one of the largest vendor alley ever assembled for a Canadian game.

13) Is this a 2 day event?

Yes. It is a 2 day event!


Comments (8)

  1. Wayne Shaw

    Will there be CO2 feels available?

    Any idea if ninja paintball tanks will be making an appearance at the field?

    • canadiancarnage

      There will be Co2 fills available at a small cost. We are trying to get Ninja to be there or at least someone to represent them!

  2. Devin

    What’s the criteria that a launcher has to meet to be allowed in the game?

    • canadiancarnage

      At this point nothing has been written into the game yet and there are also no tanks. Will keep you posted as it gets closer.

  3. canadiancarnage

    We will have semi capped at 10.5 so no burst mode or full auto. “One trigger pull for each ball”

    • Jordan

      Does “turbo” count as semi, or is it not allowed either? I’ve got an old shoebox Shocker.

  4. Stephen

    Is there a way that you can be issued a refund? I pre registered but forgot to do it with my team for team pricing.